Movies from my childhood – just for fun!

I woke up thinking about the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off this morning, though I have no idea why.  It was the scene where the principle says “9 times” and Ferris’ mom asks “9 times?” and the principle repeats “9 times.”  It’s the way he says NIIIIIIIEEEEEENNNNEEE that makes me chuckle.  Then Ferris hacks the computer and changes the absences before his very eyes.  Hilarity ensues.  fRXK2VW

Growing up I was more of a movie person than a book person.  I am glad to say that I am now very much a book person, but I didn’t read much as a kid.  I’ve always loved movies, though.  I thought it would be fun for both you and I to reminisce a little on this lovely weekend.  What do you say?  Here are some of my favorites from childhood.

Little Mermaid


Ok, so I hate to be a cliche on this one, but I cannot deny it.   Most of my early childhood was spent pretending to be Ariel with my BFFs.  To this day, many years later, I can sing every song from that movie by heart.  I had the soundtrack on cassette tape!  Nowadays the movie may be viewed as having a repressive message — woman sells her voice to be with a man — but I watched it religiously and still turned out to be an opinionated independent woman.  So there!



I re-watched this movie not that long ago and I must admit, it’s still hilarious.  The cast is great, the writing is great.   The board game is terrible, but the movie is gold.  One should never watch this movie with me, however, as I tend to quote every single line.  Oh yes, I’m that person.  I still found myself laughing at the clever dialogue and quirky characters.  It stands the test of time in my opinion and I look forward to watching it with my kids.

Big Business


Bette Midler had a good run in the 80s and early 90s.  Big Business is by far my favorite Bette movie.  Ya, ya, Beaches was a sweet, sappy tear-jerker of a movie.  I watched that one many times as well, but never quoted it with friends the way I do Big Business.  That’s right, we still quote it to each other.  How’s that for having a long-term impact on a little girl?  Plus, you get Lily Tomlin in this one.  C’mon!

The Ewoks


Terrible, I know.  I mean, really bad.  But I loved it so much.  I badly wanted an Ewok when I was a kid.  And one of those little bracelets that gives me the life status of my family members.  (Way ahead of its time on that one.  I believe they call those Apple Watches now.)  I haven’t re-watched this since I was young.  I probably shouldn’t.  This one is best kept safe in my pre-CGI memories.

The Princess Bride 


Probably no explanation even required here.  Classic, right?  Absolutely, it stands the test of time.  Absolutely, I still quote this one with friends.  Absolutely, I will watch it with my kids.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Yes, this is a Christmas movie.  I only watch it during the Christmas holidays.  However, I make it point to watch it every Christmas and have done so since I was a kid.  That’s got to mean something.

Flight of the Navigator

giphy (1)

Whenever I drive down the highway and spot a truck hauling something large with a flapping tarp over it…I think of this movie.  It’s another one that I haven’t re-watched recently.  Also another one that I fear will diminish if I do re-watch it due to the low-tech effects.  Still, it is one that my siblings and I recorded onto a VHS and watched repeatedly.  In my mind’s eye, I can still see the VHS tape label with Flight of the Navigator written in my sister’s handwriting.

Short Circuit

giphy (2)

“More input!”  and “Number Johnny Five, alive!”  We tossed around both quotes as kids.  And though, again, I haven’t seen this one in a long time, it does give me that warm nostalgic feeling.  Artificial intelligence, military weapon-bots, etc. are all still pretty relevant today.  This movie had a cutesy approach to both, which I loved as a kid.  Number Johnny 5 was not quite as scary as The Terminator.

Last but not least…

The Goonies


There were very few sick days spent at home during which I did NOT watch this movie.  For certain, I have seen it many times since childhood and no doubt will continue to watch it with my kids and someday maybe even grandkids.  It’s the perfect kid adventure story.  For a girl that spent more time riding bikes and climbing trees than playing with dolls, it made me tremendously happy.

So that’s it!  That’s my list.  I’ve left out many, to be sure, but these are the ones that first popped in my mind.  I hope that you too were able to enjoy them growing up or even now that you are grown.  I know some of you did because we watched them together as kids.  I recommend checking them all out either as a practice in nostalgia or because they are just damn good flicks.  Have a great weekend, friends, and remember…

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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