A little piece of mine published recently on The Drabble.


By Amye Hartfield

“It’s weak,” she announced, eyes sparkling. I laughed. I cried. I cried because she hadn’t spoken in months. I cried because her salty humor still existed. The disease hadn’t swallowed it as it had her bent body.

“Mom, it’s steamed vegetables,” I smiled, stabbing a broccoli crown, raising it to her paper lips. They remained closed and curved upward in a defiant smirk on a normally barren face. She was with me again, for a moment. Then, like lowering a yellow shade, her withering face went blank again. Wiping my eyes, I lifted another bland forkful to her open mouth.

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What’s making me happy

In honor of one of my favorite podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour, I thought I'd begin writing a regular post about what's making me happy.  Ideally this will be something that you can also check out.  In other words, not just something personal like my daughter's laugh...But I can't make any promises.  There may come…