Dear Baby Brother

Dear Baby Brother,

My name is Evelyn. I’m a sister. Do you know what a sister is? I’m not totally sure either, but Mama and Dada keep telling me that’s what I am now. Or that’s what I’m gonna be soon.  So I don’t know what that means, but I hope being a sister is a fun thing.  What do you like to do?  I like to play outside.  When you come out of there maybe we can play outside together.  Do you come out of the belly button?  That’s a little hole thingy in the belly.  I have one too!  And Dada has a belly button.  Will you have a belly button?  Well, when you do come out, I’ll show you how to feed the chickens.  Yes, chickens!  We have 3 chickens and I take them a bowl of food almost every night.  I wonder what they eat the rest of the day?

I have a peg game that I really like.  It’s mine though, so maybe Mama or Dada can get you one too.  I’ll show you how to play it someday.  I also have lots of books.  I don’t know where we’ll put your books because mine are on all the shelves.  I’ll be taller than you.  Maybe we’ll move my books up higher and put yours on a littler shelf.  How tall will you be?  If you are taller than me you can help open the pantry door.  It’s sometimes closed and I can’t reach the knob yet.  Maybe you can reach the knob.  That’s where Mama and Dada keep all the snacks.  Now that I am a sister, I wonder if it means I get to eat more snacks.  It should.  Being a sister sounds like hard work.

Will you be a sister too?  Mama and Dada are always calling you baby brother.  Is that your name?  What is your name?  They didn’t tell me that yet.  Does everyone supposed to have a name?  It sure does seem like it.  People are always pointing to everything and then saying a name, like ‘dog’ and ‘tree’ and ‘teeth’ and ‘books.’  I already know all those names.  Our dog’s name is Rover.  At first I thought all dogs were Rovers, but I don’t think they are.  I’m not sure which ones are dogs and which ones are Rovers.  The one at my school is Bella, not Rover.  You’ll like Rover.  He’s big and rolls over on his back so you can pet him.  He likes to run after balls.  He’ll run and run and run and run.  Someday I’ll be fast enough and I’ll run with him.  I’m getting faster, watch this!  Can you even see me in there?

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello from Sister.  You are making Mama look really big.  It’s funny.  They tell me that I’ll get to see you real soon.  Baby brother, when you are out of there, let’s be friends, ok?


One thought on “Dear Baby Brother

  1. Gigi is looking forward to “brother” and learning his name, Evelyn. I’m know you’ll be the best sister you can be because you do everything the best you can. You do run fast now. I know Brother will like to play outside with you. Just be really nice to Mama because she’s having to work hard now so Brother came come to play with you. We’ll all be sharing our love with him.

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