Spirits visit me in my dreams. They bring me messages. They always have. Even at a young age I was fascinated by dreams and recognized their significance. It has taken me 41 years to get to a place where I trust the messages I receive in my dreams. Not all dreams are messages, but when they are, the message feels undeniably True.

Last night brought me a convoluted dream, as most tend to be. Coming back to consciousness, prising myself from the succor of sleep, I cradled the delicate images. I absorbed the fleeting feelings of The Dreamer’s message. Stay in authenticity. The world needs your authenticity.

Authenticity is complicated. People experience truly painful thoughts. They engage in antisocial behavior, but reality is not the same as authenticity. People are not reality, they are within it. But the essence of living Beings is more than reality. And I believe mal-adaption is symptomatic of uncomposted trauma. Unhealthy soil. I am not my trauma, but my healing trauma will bring me to who I am. I am the process of healing.

Without continual transmutation, am I even alive?
How do I discern Truth from toxic soil?
What happens when we are full of questions rather than full of answers?

In what way does the culture at large oppress authenticity? In what ways do the people with whom I relate oppress authenticity? How do I oppress my own authenticity? How have I perpetrated the oppression of another Being’s authenticity? These questions are about context, not about blame. They are questions of transformation. An invitation to Curiosity. I contemplate them. Struggle with them. Ignore them. Dismiss them. And then return to them again. And again in my dreams. I have no answers. My dreams do not bring answers because the answer is in the asking. The loving inquiry. The curious heart.

I am grateful for the exquisite nature of The Dreamer. The blurry visions they bring. And for the authenticity that comes from Asking and Allowing.

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