Regarding Elderberry (A poem)

A short poem for you. I wrote this on December 4, 2021 as I sat in my first herbalism class — Village Herbalist — with Sacred Journey Herbal School and Muteable Earth/Cultivate Holistic. I wrote it as a blessing for a remedy we made together which included elderberries. Delighted to edit and share with you now. Enjoy!

W​e speak in Elder
of the easy wisdom that we will propagate.
It is a dappled doorway inviting us to enter
or exit
or look out at the green world.
We prepare this sour shrub stabilizing the periphery of the soul
holding the collective edge.

A foundation of flowers bloom,
and sing a song to feed the ones that hear it.
They are the gentle teachers of listening.

We drink together.
And now again,
remember some bygone knowledge.
We drink with the Elders,
with each other
and are one.

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