if i were a wildflower

let me be an evening primrose
let me turn my pink face upward in delight of morning sun
let me open wide a thousand supple legs
generous in magic
let me spread them freely across the musky meadows
and let my yellow laughter inspire the clouds

let me adore the caress of radiant butterfly wings
let me shiver under the sweet vibrations of honey bees
let me muse with Castilleja
adoring her red desire
let me tease a smile from wild oats bowed in prayer
and let honeysuckle perfume my bed

Let my smallness be my power.
Let my delicate petals be potent.

and when I’ve had my fill of joy
let me retreat below the sensual billows of wise dancing grasses
and return to my roots
moving quietly with earthworms
between singing mycelium
until I find a new place for my wonder
a new place for my pleasure to rise again and gaze at the sky

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