starting and stopping

start turning around
stop pulling up short
start finding what’s found
stop refusing support

start silencing the phone
stop taking the rap
start becoming a drone
stop licking the sap

start casting the stone
stop kissing the dream
start burning the throne
stop swimming upstream

start tugging the leash
stop painting the face
start posing pastiche
stop offering embrace

start taking a side
stop breaking the bread
start swallowing the pride
stop hearing what’s said

start praying again
stop believing in god
start sanitizing skin
stop committing the fraud

start giving a chance
stop taking one too
start dancing the dance
stop breaking the through

start pointing the blame
stop protecting the weak
start clinging to pain
stop turning the cheek

start unconditioning the love
stop seeing the red
start rising above
stop sensing the dread

start sounding the grace
stop starving the soul
start holding the space
stop seeking control


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