I’m good at picking boogers now.  I’m good at wiping butts.
I’m good at “fly-me-higher” now.  I’m good at kissing cuts.

I’m pretty good at bedtime songs.   I draw an extra bubbly bath.
I hope I’m good at guiding you as you traverse your path.

I’m good at reading books, I recite them all by heart.
and I’m excellent at missing you whenever we’re apart.

I’m not always good at patience, and I sometimes roll my eyes
when I know deep down you cannot stop your temper tantrum cries.

This whole wide world of feelings, even most grown-ups don’t understand,
so I’ll get better at compassion, as you learn to feel them all firsthand.

I’m good at holding your hands tightly as you pull yourself up so tall.
I’m good at encouraging you to climb so high, and catching you if you fall.

I’m good at rocking in the rocking chair, and dancing all about,
while you fuss and squirm and fight off sleep, until you finally pass out.

I’m good at swings and slides and jungle gyms and rolling in the grass,
I wish I was better at holding onto the new moments as they pass.

I’m good at showing you how, and telling you what, and where and who,
even if it’s the hundredth time I’ve answered, ask again if you need to.

I’m good at finding shoes, and losing socks, and getting diapers clean.
I’m good at laundry, and more laundry, so much laundry it’s obscene!

I’m really good at snuggling.  I’m good at hugs and kisses too.
I’m best at loving and accepting you no matter what you do.

I hope you’re always good at laughing, child, and finding joy in every day,
I hope you know yourself and love yourself and build a tribe along the way.

I’m good at being mommy because you teach me about what’s true.
Your goodness is what makes me good, my love.  Thank you. Thank you.


Photos by CK Marley Photography

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