A poem from my past


From 2007– I was 26 when I wrote this and evidently FULL of angst.  Enjoy!

dreams of the absent-minded transgressor

i understand that life’s got nothing left to say
today i lift eyelids and awake to dismay
my dreams count the days up to this one
and eulogize how much more i could’ve done.
this is dumb.
i’m won for the money because
i ran for the fortune bred they said would make two the show
but my second leap of faith
landed me heavy on the brakes
until fire stone made steam off little urban lakes
and my only hope is that stalling there
cleared the air.


my only hope is that stalling there
boiled the mythic skin glimmers
off those single celled swimmers
that supposedly head the direction of best
a road that no one has proved exists yet
it’s the swarming of the bared breast
it’s the unfiltered organic mess
from which we all came
and went mostly unchanged.

i’m afraid we’ll never come as far as we should
i finally understand that living’s never understood

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