For Raechel and Henry


Yesterday my dear and beloved friend Raechel got married.  I couldn’t attend because I am currently growing a human and that little human is almost ready to enter the world.  So with many tears and regret, I was not able to travel to celebrate with her.  However, I was honored to be able to write for her.  Below is the poem that I wrote for their ceremony.  I haven’t written a poem in too many years.  It felt really good to do so.  Like visiting an old friend.  Enjoy.


I wandered through life, a singular energy, encased in stone, quiet and watchful.
I tumbled down the mountain side, gathering the balmy smell of green grass
I skittered over the ocean, scooping mouthfuls of salt and seaweed, crashing with waves on the shore
I burrowed into black rich soil, tunneling, hiding, like a small seed waiting for spring
I fell through the sky, arms outstretched and reaching for clouds, eyes closed tight against the wind
And I stood.
Stood still, waiting in the sun and the rain.
Waiting under the moon and the stars.
Waiting among trees and shadows, speckled light, and grey mist.
Time, marched past me banging its gong with the same rhythm of the universe.
And yet, I waited.
Sorrow crawled to my feet, washing them in warm tears
And I waited.
Hope slipped past me, grazing my cheek with a soft kiss
And still, I waited.
Fear lurked behind me, at times, and whispered of nothing
I waited.
Joy even, with her dance, her warmth, came beside me and touched my heart.
But I waited.
Anger burned me, red fingers closing around me, leaving scars.
Still I waited.
And love swirled around me, like orange leaves riding the breeze.
I stood and waited.
Quiet and watchful, for you.
For you to tumble down your mountains,
To skitter over your oceans,
To burrow into earthy tunnels
To fall past cotton clouds,
I waited.  And lived.
And now, you are here with me.
Time will march with rhythm and certainty, but we are together
Sorrow will spill and soak our feet, but we are together
Fear will linger for tea, whispering nothing to us, but we are together
Hope will kiss us gently, but we are together
Anger will burn us up, and singe scars on our bodies, but we are together
Joy especially will dance with us, singing loudly above the wind, that we are together.
And love,
Love will carry us on the breeze
And we will be together.  And we will live.

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