What’s making me happy

In honor of one of my favorite podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour, I thought I’d begin writing a regular post about what’s making me happy.  Ideally this will be something that you can also check out.  In other words, not just something personal like my daughter’s laugh…But I can’t make any promises.  There may come a time when I record my daughter’s laugh, post it and write about it.  (Hmmm…Note to self.)  Anyhow, my goal is to introduce you to something new that will make you happy because that’s what the segment on PCHH does for me.

This week it’s Santa Clarita Diet.  (I promise, no spoilers here.)


The second season of this show just dropped on Netflix.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I did the first season.  The casting is spot-on.  Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant (YAS!), Sklyer Gisondo and Liv Hewson.  Additionally there are a few really great cameos along the way.   They all have great chemistry.  The writing is smart and funny.  The show doesn’t take itself seriously at all and owns it’s silliness completely.  It is a laugh out loud, endearing comedy at it’s best.  I knew Drew Barrymore could pull off physical comedy, but I was delighted to see that Timothy Olyphant easily matches her with his delivery and facial expressions.  It is a leap from Justified’s Raylon Givens, but the charm is similar just in a different context.  A funnier context.

The premise, if you don’t know, or haven’t seen the trailer, is that a suburban family is thrown into the world of the undead when the mom, played by Drew Barrymore, is stricken with a virus that turns her into a flesh eating zombie.  Only she’s not a shambling, decaying creature, just a nice real estate lady that needs to eat other humans.  It’s a surprisingly refreshing take on the zombie genre that I’m really digging.  Similar to the way that Shaun of the Dead captured the humor of the genre, SC Diet is expanding that by not only satirizing the zombie genre but also spoofing on privilege, suburbia, family life, teen angst, and marriage, just to name a few.

It’s really a cheeky cultural commentary with lots of laughs.  But honestly, you could watch it without using your BRAINS (see what I did there?) and enjoy it just as much.  It’s quirky, silly, well-written and fun.  It’s a quick watch, only 10 episodes.  Easy enough for you to binge over the weekend!

I hope it makes you as happy as it made me.  Enjoy!

(If you’ve seen it already let me know your thoughts!)

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