If you follow this blog…

After several months of writing here more regularly,  it’s high time that I introduce this blog.  I’ve made you a list–bloggers love lists–to give you some insight into the little world I’m creating for us here on this blog.  Here are 10 things for you to know about Charly Slipp and the ephemeral life.

  1. Ephemeral is my favorite word.  I, in fact, have it tattooed on my body.  If you read this blog regularly it will become clear why I chose that word for its title.
  2. I’m all over the place.  Meaning: There is no single topic or style I’ve chosen to use  within the sanctuary of this little rectangular screen.  It’s all up for grabs in my mind.  Writing requires practice and sometimes, I’m sorry to say, purging ideas.  I know you’re very excited to experience my word vomit, but I can promise you that occasionally I’ll write something meaningful, maybe even beautiful.  But alas, you may have to swim through some of my more mundane ideas to get there.  Hopefully not.
  3. I’m sarcastic.  And self-deprecating.  See above for examples of both.  This is good for you to know moving forward.  If you see an absurd sentence that seems outlandish or contradictory to what you know about me, it’s probably meant to be sarcasm.  I know, I know, sarcasm doesn’t read well.  I’ll try to edit myself, but I make no promises.  Also, about the self deprecation, I just don’t want you to worry when I’m ragging on myself in a post.  It’s kind of my thing.
  4. I pontificate.  Occasionally.  Don’t worry.  What I will promise you is that not all of my posts will be this way.  I do seem to be on a bit of an Op-Ed kick lately.  I grew up in church with a preacher for a father, what can I say?  It will pass, though.  I’ll write some less, uh, obnoxious, preachy pieces….hopefully.
  5. I love vocabulary.  I’ve been told that I am loquacious.  I make no apologies if I seem pretentious because of the words I choose.  I try to be conversational, but in truth, big words are my vernacular (preacher’s kid, remember?)  I will promise, however, that I’m not using fancy words just to use them.  I love the cadence of a sentence so if an SAT word is what gets me the rhythm then that’s the word I’ll choose.
  6. You are my test audience.  I hope you’re not offended by that.  As previously stated, this blog is more of a practicing forum for me.  It’s a place where I can work on various styles.  I, of course, want to entertain you, and/or inspire you, but full disclosure there are many selfish reasons that I’m writing this blog too.  All that to say, if you have an opinion about my pedantic opinion, tell me.  That’s why I’m doing this.  (Insert shameless request for comments and likes here.)
  7. I will be authentic.  I won’t write anything here for the sole purpose of stirring you up.  I’m not a troll.  If what I write is controversial or dark or hard to read, it’s because that’s how the writing came to me.  I’m not baiting you. I want to be real with you.
  8. I am grateful for you.  It may not always read that way.  You may not be grateful for me in return sometimes, but please know that I appreciate the time you give me.  I hope that I make you smile, maybe make you cry and definitely make you think.
  9. You can expect to see a blog at least once a week.  Making that commitment wracks my nerves a little, but I feel I owe it to you.  I don’t think I’m ready to post on a specific day every week.   I know I would be a better blogger if I did, but I certainly don’t claim to be a good blogger.  Not yet, anyway.
  10. You inspire me.  Those that read this, that know me, that also write or blog, you inspire me to keep writing.  Your stories inspire me.  I read and listen and watch you more than you realize (sorry if that’s creepy.)  Life inspires me so I’m glad that you share yours with me.   Inspiration is ephemeral.

All that to say, welcome to my ephemeral life and all the stories, rants, lists, reviews that go along with it.  Keep an open mind.  I’ll do the same.  Remember to laugh.  I’ll do the same.  When the day is done remember the small moments, for those are what make up all our greatest stories.


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