3 years ago today my dad passed away. There’s not been a single day that I haven’t missed him. I pulled out some of his old files and went through some of his writings so that I could reminisce and feel close to him. I found this prayer and it speaks so much to my own fear and anxiety about the state of the world, I thought I should share it. It’s not dated, so I don’t know when he wrote it, but it is beautiful, encouraging, loving and wise…just as he was.
“God of all people,
We come to you so often, and so seldom; so full of concerns and so empty; so demanding and so unyeilding – and yet somehow we know that you are there for us.
We come with such great needs and so little will; we come with such fervent hopes and so little time; we bring you such hurt and such lonliness, and so little faith – and yet somehow we know that you are there for us.
We want to come to you in the stillness and beauty of holiness, but there is very little of any of that around us – we seem to be immersed in personal and public crises that threaten at any moment to overwhelm us. How much we yearn for the freedom and the faith to entrust the Creation to the One who did the Creating. How we long for some plan of action, some guiding light, some signposts along the way so that we could feel like we knew where we were going – that we knew where you wanted us to go.
We pray for our world – for those who suffer, for those who live in fear, for those whose very existence hangs by a thread, for children who die and for parents who must stand helplessly by and watch – and we ask for forgiveness wherein we too have stood by and watched.
We ask you, O God, that:
when we have power, we might not be afraid to use it
when we have resources, we might not be unwilling to share them
when we have community, we might not hesitate to draw upon its strength
Give us grateful hearts, but gratitude that is tempered by urgency and forged in the furnace of your grace and shaped, always shaped by your will. So we may move through all our days as your People, bound by love that will not let us go and dedicated to making your Vision of Peace one that encompasses the whole world.”
Thank you Daddy. I love you. Always.

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